WordCamp Says: Promote us!

WordCamp Jabalpur 2011 will highly appreciate if you promote our efforts to make India’s Second WordCamp reach to even more people and benefit all those who are still not knowing about it or can’t make to reach Jabalpur due to several constraints in day to day life.

You can promote us in myriad ways you can think of, we are listing a few here. Ideas and suggestions as usual are welcomed 🙂

  1. Blog about “WordCamp Jabalpur” and link back to us.
  2. Tweet about us and promote @wcjbp
  3. Use #wcjbp for all WordPress related conversations on twitter.
  4. Like us on facebook and share with your friends.
  5. Flaunt the badge relevant to you on your website, blog, social media account etc.



Use the relevant codes to fix badges at the place of your choice

I’m Sponsoring WordCamp Jabalpur
I’m Attending WordCamp Jabalpur
I’m Speaking WordCamp Jabalpur
I’m Volunteering WordCamp Jabalpur

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