Speaker: Soumya Pratihari

Soumya Pratihari, is a professional blogger with over 25 blogs running in his network. Being a creative person its tough to tie Soumya in limits and he hosts TV Shows, own a C&F firm and just founded a production house to produce movies. An avid WordPress lover, his whole blogging network relies on WordPress and in his words “I cannot even imagine running my blogs on any other platform“.

At WordCamp, Soumya would be speaking on “WordPress blogging after Google Panda“.


  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
    I am Soumya Pratihari, a professional blogger who is running his own blogging network with over 25 blogs. Apart from blogging I am into TV shows hosting, own a C&F firm and just founded a movie production house to produce movies. Being a creative person I cant help but try hands on random things and that’s what I enjoy doing.
    I basically blog on TechCular that covers latest tech news.
  • What motivates you most to use WordPress?
    WordPress is easy, powerful, highly configurable, SEO friendly, and comes for free. The large database of themes, plugins, regular updates, and friendly community is priceless. I cannot even imagine running my blogs on any other platform.
  • What are your thought about WordPress Community in India?
    Are you kidding me? Is there any community that actually exists? Today WordPress is mostly used by bloggers only and bloggers are always the best competitors to each other. Wearing a fake smile on the face, bloggers tend to be very conservative when it comes to spreading the “inside” knowledge. I have already stopped taking advice from bloggers since last couple of years as many times the “gyaan” you get is completely nonsense. [sorry.. but its the fact]
    As far as the WordPress geeks are concerned, all of them are now busy in bidding on projects on several freelancing sites. Earlier I used to see very useful plugins from these WP geeks, but now they have even stopped providing updates for them. And the only reason behind this is that they are earning handsomely by doing freelancing stuffs and do not want to work for free.
    To summarize, the open source WordPress is now having fully commercialized people around.
  • Topic on which you are speaking?
    Over 50% of blogs are affected by this Panda update. Even the official Google Webmasters Blog does not focus much light on how to recover from this disaster. Actually there are a couple of ways to get out of Panda within a couple of weeks.
    I will be speaking on how a blogger can recover his blog from Google Panda effects.
  • Why you decided to be a part of WC Jabalpur?
    Ummm… three reasons are there actually. I can meet many WordPress lovers and it would be great to interact and mingle with them. I have never spoken anywhere before (yes, I have hosted many TV shows before, but that’s completely different from what I am going to do at Jabalpur). Finally I love to visit places and I have never been to Jabalpur 😛
  • What are you mostly looking forward to during this WC Jbp?
    • Free meal, snacks, soft drinks, and tea.
    • Free goodies like T-shirts, certificates, etc.
    • A healthy meet up with great exchange of ideas.
  • Who in WP community inspires you most and why?
    Everyone. All are unique in their own way.
  • A one line advice you would like to give people about WordPress.
    Beware, this is very addictive!


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