Speaker: Sathish Nagarajan

Sathish Nagarajan, CEO of SNR Technologies is a web developer by profession loves to work on open source technologies. He rather loves to call himself WordPress Evangelist and see it to be a strong development in near future.
At WordCamp, Sathish would be speaking on “WordPress as a Application development framework.“.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
    I run a web consulting firm, SNR Technologies (http://www.snr-technologies.com). I also run a event ticket sales portal (1008events.com) for event managers. I am web developer by experience with hands on experience building web applications and working with open source technologies. I would like to call myself as a WordPress Evangelist as I see it to be a strong development framework in near future.
  • What motivates you most to use WordPress?
    Simplicity of the platform and excellent support from the community.
  • What are your thought about WordPress Community in India?
    WordPress awareness among developers has grown to a greater extent since I started working with WordPress and community is yet become strong.
  • Topic on which you are speaking?
    WordPress as a Application development framework.
  • Why you decided to be a part of WC Jabalpur?
    Connecting with WordPress developers / user will definitely be a thrill. It should be a learning curve and I can also transfer some knowledge that I have acquired to the newbies which will strengthen the community.
  • What are you mostly looking forward to during this WC Jbp?
    Looking forward to meet like minded (WP minded) people.
  • Who in WP community inspires you most and why?
    If I point one, it will be an injustice to others :). Actually many as I have been using WP for a longtime.
  • A one line advice you would like to give people about WordPress.
    Just give WP a try, Awesomeness will be the result.
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