Speaker: Ravi

RaviWhen it comes to SEO no one can beat Ravi. An SEO guy since college days and a wordpress user since 2007 has slowly blended it as his passion. Founder of RaviDreams is an active participant of Tamil WordPress community and wants to curate Tamil Wikipedia.

At WordCamp, Ravi would be speaking on “WordPress SEO“.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
    I am a WordPress consultant living in Hyderabad, India. I had an interest in SEO since college days and started blogging using WordPress since 2007. This slowly turned in to a passion for anything WordPress. I followed WordPress developments and actively participated in the Tamil WordPress community. Now, we are a small team of passionate WordPress developers working together at Ravidreams.com. Besides WordPress, I have an interest in Tamil Wikipedia development where I contribute regularly and participate in meetups.
  • What motivates you most to use WordPress?
    Being FOSS, easy to use, choice of themes and plugins, vibrant community and flexibility.
  • What are your thought about WordPress Community in India?

    Actually I couldn’t see a community yet. WP meetups are rare. There are also very few WP based companies. I hope WordCamps like these will help to see more community activity in the future. My sincere thanks to the WordCamp Jabalpur team for organizing this.
  • Topic on which you are speaking?
    I will be speaking on WordPress SEO. WordPress is the best CMS out there that is already well optimised for search engines. But, people tend to complicate their approach for SEO while ignoring simple and basic steps that they should take care of. I will be providing a review of essential SEO strategies and tools available in a WordPress environment.
  • Why you decided to be a part of WC Jabalpur?
    I missed the last WordCamp in India and always longed about the frequent WordCamps happening in US. There is no way I can miss this. This is a good opportunity to exchange ideas, learn new stuff and find people with whom we can work together.
  • What are you mostly looking forward to during this WC Jbp?
    Networking with WordPress designers and developers.
  • Who in WP community inspires you most and why?
    Matt Mullenweg: For his business sense and strong philosophical views on WP.
    People like Yoast, Vladimir Prelovac: For giving excellent insights and plugins for WordPress SEO.
    WPCandy: For covering community news with a personal touch.
  • A one line advice you would like to give people about WordPress.
    WordPress is like a perfect date. You will fall in love instantly and make it do anything for you.


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2 Responses to Speaker: Ravi

  1. Jarnail Singh says:

    Thanx I am a new member to world press but you have inspired me so much, hope this will open a new window for me

    • sgauravbaghel says:

      Hi Jarnail,
      We are trying hard to make this a memorable experience for all. Have you got your tickets done?