Speaker: Puneet Sahalot

Puneet Sahalot, an electronics engineer by chance is CTO at Udaipur Times and a poet from heart. Apart from this Puneet is a Thesis expert, WP Troubleshooter and a person you must be looking at when planning to improve your blog performance and at times of Scaling up your website.

At WordCamp, Puneet would be speaking on “Tips for Optimizing WP Performance and Usability“.


  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
    I am an electronics engineer by chance, a blogger by accidental profession, a graphic designer by interest, WP developer by curiosity and a bit poetic at heart. I started my online career with flockpost.com as co-author and then co-founded city news portal. I write on my personal blog puneetsahalot.com where I pour my secret passion for poetry. I also love traveling and photography. If you have some time to spare, check out my flickr stream.
  • What motivates you most to use WordPress?
    I love it, I use it. It’s quick and easy to use, upgrade and maintain. Above all, it’s safe. The ability to extend the usability of WP is another great thing which makes me use it for all my work.
  • What are your thought about WordPress Community in India?

    Till date WordPress is mostly used only by bloggers. We have a long way to go when businesses, educational institutes, government and non-profit organizations etc. will start using WordPress for their online presence.
  • Topic on which you are speaking?
    Tips for Optimizing WP Performance and Usability.
  • Why you decided to be a part of WC Jabalpur?
    It’s always good to be a part of something you love.
  • What are you mostly looking forward to during this WC Jbp?
    Meeting new people, sharing some knowledge and learning a lot of new stuff.
  • Who in WP community inspires you most and why?
    Matt is the man! Whose thoughts and ideas gave us a wonderful Blogging platform which was then extended to a CMS and now, it’s ruling the world. Other than Matt, I like to read tuts by Bill Erickson and Justin Tadlock.
  • A one line advice you would like to give people about WordPress.
    Say good bye to HTML websites and start using WordPress.


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