Speaker: Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip Parikh has assumed many roles Web Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, and an Active Blogger in his professional life. He is Co-Founder of www.diim.in and Tej SolPro.

At WordCamp, Jaydip would be speaking on “Content Soup of your Blog.


  • Tell us a bit about yourself.
    Hey Reader, I am Jaydip from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Founder of TejSolPro & DIIM, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, Blogger, Speaker & Trainer, SEO-SMO Adviser. I am playing versatile roles in my Entrepreneur life. DIIM is Gujarat’s First & Only Internet Marketing Training Institute and Tej SolPro provides solutions which help our clients to gain more web authority and more business.
  • What motivates you most to use WordPress?
    Well I must say WordPress is Powerful CMS, Best blogging platform I had ever seen yet, SEO Friendly, Highly customizable. Apart from this all that are larger community which help wordpress users with free themes, free plugins too.
  • What are your thought about WordPress Community in India?
    Compare to other part of the world we still have lot many option for improvement. WordPress is still limited to bloggers & Designers. They are plenty of opportunity with basic E-Commerce site, Review sites, for SME sectors.
  • Topic on which you are speaking?
    I am going to talk all about Content, as we all know “Content is KING” and we will discuss it in King size. 😉
  • Why you decided to be a part of WC Jabalpur?
    I learn lot many things and now it’s time to give back / share / gain knowledge about WordPress. Apart from this I will learn few more things from other Expert Speakers too.
  • What are you mostly looking forward to during this WC Jbp?
    I am hardcore WordPress lover and I love to meet other WordPress fellows and sure I will grab my free T-Shirt too.
  • Who in WP community inspires you most and why?
    If we talk about Themes then I must say, R. Bhavesh, Templatic. For bloggers I like Harsh Agarwal, Ruchi Parikh, Amit Agarwal, Pradeep Kumar etc. Apart from this there are various Sites, Communities are helping wordpress community.
  • A one line advice you would like to give people about WordPress.
    Stay away from WordPress else you will fall in love with WordPress.


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9 Responses to Speaker: Jaydip Parikh

  1. Anand says:

    All the best JD 🙂 If possible then capture video and pics of it and share them with us along with presentation.

  2. Also this show will be rock… Just becoz of Respected sir (Mr. Jaydip Parikh). 🙂

  3. priyal says:

    i know u r great speaker but we also want to have some share of knowledge.you should also keep some conference system so we can attend it…

  4. Anand, Ranjit & Priyal,

    Thanks for you comment, Support & Love. I will try to get the video of the event & If I am not wrong then this will have video’s on wordpress.tv. I will confirm with the Gaurav, the one man Army, behind WordCamp, Jabalpur.

    • sgauravbaghel says:

      We are searching for someone to record HD video of event for us. Whole event will be available at wordpress.tv and can be downloaded from their 🙂
      Thanks for appreciation Jaydip but I am actually the one who is stealing away most of credit, real work is being done by my college friends and juniors. I will introduce them all to all of you ones you are here at Jabalpur .

    • Anand says:

      That’s great, Thanks for sharing the info about the video and where can we see it.