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Speaker: Rahul Banker

Rahul Banker is a 21 year old student and blogger from India. Rahul was caught in blogging by chance but now describes it to be his world that has made him learn new things in life and made him believe … Continue reading Speaker: Rahul Banker

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Speaker: Puneet Sahalot

Puneet Sahalot, an electronics engineer by chance is CTO at Udaipur Times and a poet from heart. Apart from this Puneet is a Thesis expert, WP Troubleshooter and a person you must be looking at when planning to improve your … Continue reading Speaker: Puneet Sahalot

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Speaker: King Sidharth

Whenever it comes to naming Top Young Entrepreneurs of India, King Sidharth is unanimous choice among all. Recently listed as one of World 25 Young Entrepreneurs, King is 20 and a WordPress + Thesis cocktail lover. A dropout by choice … Continue reading Speaker: King Sidharth

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Speaker: Aniket Pant

Aniket Pant, BITSian and is a coder since the age of 13. The love for C++ slowly shifted to HTML then to PHP and now to WordPress and CodeIgniter. Aniket, is heavily involved in CSS edits and tweaks to generate … Continue reading Speaker: Aniket Pant

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Speaker: Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta, 15year old wonder kid and Google Code-In winner is probably among youngest to deliver talk at any WordCamp across globe. Just returned from GooglePlex San Jose, Gautam us a recognized name in bbPress community and contributes heavily to … Continue reading Speaker: Gautam Gupta

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Speaker: Ashish (pocha) Sharma

Ashish (Pocha) Sharma, heads Bussiness Development at StalkNinja. An IIT-M(2005 batch) alumni previously cofounded Minkle with two IIM grads. Prior to Minkle, Pocha was a successful freelancer, Google Code Jammer and holds two patents to his credit. At WordCamp, Pocha … Continue reading Speaker: Ashish (pocha) Sharma

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